Gay Landeta

This time of year many business owners start to consider  how they could grow their business, maybe create some passive income or just get more clients.

I don’t know about you, but I can get excited about opportunities and then overwhelmed by ideas. Finding ways to avoid that is always useful. This process that I am about to share is a really simple but very profound process developed by a psychologist friend who is also an ex-engineer.

This process has no place for grey. This can be a challenging way to think as it can feel limiting, however it does help those of us who tend to start projects without enough thought.

Begin by choosing your priority. To do that …

Imagine you are holding a ball bearing skill game. This one is shaped like a triangle. (i.e. one of those little hand held board games where the goal is to get the little ball bearing into the correct hole.)

In each corner of the triangle there is a hole for a ball bearing.

And each corner of the triangle has a label: time, quality or money. Unknown Object

Choose where you want the ball bearing to land. That is your overall priority at the moment. And you can only choose one.

You then choose projects that comply with that priority, i.e. be timely, be quality or save money – you may need to compromise somewhat on the other aspects.

For example if you decide saving money is the priority you may need to sacrifice some quality and / or some time to achieve your budget.

If it is time then that may mean you need to focus on the speed of the project, so it may cost more or the quality may have to be reduced.

Or if you decide quality is the priority then it may take more time and money than you initially thought.

When you have an idea you can check in again to see if your priority is still the same and what the potential compromises may be. This way you can more clearly decide if this is a step you want to take instead of getting caught in a process that takes more time, costs more money or produces something that is of a lesser quality than you would like.

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