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I just read a wonderful blog on anger –fire

I’ve sat down every day for the last two weeks to write a post, and gave up after a few minutes. I have plenty to say, but I’m stuck. Everything I start to say turns into an angry rant. It’s not an easy time right now. It’s disheartening and frustrating.

– See more at: http://juliediamond.net/talking-your-anger/#sthash.p0b63rjN.dpuf

I agree – it is not an easy time – and when my anger at society is stirred I find I start to feel angry about small personal and often slightly ridiculous injustices, leaving me feeling frustrated on top of it.

Anger in and of itself is not the problem, anger rises when our boundaries, values and beliefs are challenged. Identifying the source of that anger and keeping clear about what is important and what is not important is. Continuing to make a stand for what we believe in, i.e. being able to be in conflict is part of the change process and vitally important in the world today but getting caught in the small stuff  – not so useful.

I wrote an article on conflict a few years ago that offers some tips on processing our personal ‘stuff” that can get in the way. Once we are clear and not caught in own our little story and little injustices (moving into a more relaxed ‘just is’) we can see things clearly and commit, where appropriate, to a purposeful use of our anger, deliberate, focused action, to stir things up and create change.

Julie has committed 2015 to purposeful anger, I like it. http://juliediamond.net/talking-your-anger/


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