Here is a video of a simple re-set for your mind, body and spirit. Simple movements and breathing exercises are a great way to do this. Here is a simple mind, body, spirit re-set speeded up for ease of viewing – you can make it as short (3 minutes is a good place to start) or long as you like. You can also include other movements or meditations you enjoy.

Start in a comfortable sitting position, on the ground outside if you can, but anywhere will work fine. Ensure your spine is upright and tuck your chin slightly to your chest. Sit on a block or cushion or chair if that is more comfortable. Take a few breaths noticing your inhale and exhale. Acknowledge and settle into the ground beneath you and feel the vastness of the sky above you.

When you feel settled, holding your knees take your legs into a yin-yoga style Butterfly position with your feet together in a diamond shape. Yin yoga emphases ease in a position so don’t push yourself. Sit on a block or cushion if that feels easier and prop your knees so you feel comfortable and relaxed. NOTE – this position is contra-indicated for Sciatica as it can be aggravated and you do need to be very kind to your knees – so if you are concerned in any way just leave this step out.

Sit upright, chin tucked. This position is very supportive for the Kidney meridian where it is said we hold both our fear and our trust. When you are comfortable, take a deep breath in, exhaling fully, longer than you think possible, until your lungs are completely empty and then allow your breath to just return to your lungs. Do this 3 times if you can comfortably do so, noticing how it helps to connect you deeper into the ground. This breathing exercise supports our Qi (life force energy) and helps build our Lung energy where it is said we hold our grief and our self-worth.

When you are ready, relax forward going only as far as feels totally comfortable, allow your body to guide you into a space of relaxation and letting go. Be careful not to dangle your head if you have any kind of congenital or acquired neck conditions. Take a few more breaths before you slowly uncurl your spine and become upright again.

Take hold of the outside of your knees and undo your Butterfly taking a comfortable sitting position once again. Relax and breath. You might like to take Budhi Mudra – thumb to little finger as you do this. This Mudra is very supportive for kidney energy and is about letting go of expectations (and let’s face it – the more we let go the easier life is!)

And don’t forget to finish off with a smile, thanking yourself for spending a few minutes with you today!

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