Gay LandetaFree Stuff - Who Wants Some?

We have just begun our the next astrological opportunity for growth. It has been intense few weeks for many with Mercury Retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse bringing up old issues and showing many of us graphically where we need to stretch and what we are hanging onto which is not contributing to our peace and happiness.

You may well have found elements of the drama triangle emerged in your life, either feeling victimised, trying to fix things or being a persecutor (or all three!). Or the underlying emotions of guilt and blame may be churning in you – or perhaps you are sitting in residual resentment and bitterness.

This next six months will call on us to drop those elements that no longer serve us and step into absolute personal responsibility. What are you putting your hand up for?!

I wish your bon voyage on this next journey!

🙂 Gay