Esoterically, Virgo is the completion of the external journey towards our perfected being. (Perhaps that is why perfectionism is such a Virgoan trait?!) And, as we come into this place of completion of the self we get ready to turn inwards. As Eckhardt Tolle might put it, the completion of the inhale.

Once we land solidly into Virgo (August 23 – September 22 ish) it may well feel like it is time to get back into it (whatever ‘it’ is). Back on track for our health and wellness, back into decluttering, just generally wanting to put our best self forward – this is the pull of the desire for completion manifested in our daily life. 

virgo Virgo’s are by nature intelligent problem solvers, often the detail oriented, practical and reliable people that keep the wheels turning.

Drawn to service, they are independent beings who can seem to be emotionally cold, but only because they are by nature shy and do not tend to easily openly express their feelings. Loyal and truthful, these natives are faithful friends and want to see the people they love happy. The lesson is for them to realise they are not responsible for others happiness and to develop faith in the unknown and uncontrollable. (And how perfectly is that being triggered right now?!!)

We all know of the Virgoan tendency to criticism and perfectionism. This together with narrow-mindedness and a need for order can become all consuming, trapping the personality in unrelenting mental conflict – often spilling over to those around them.

Fortunately, this is very often identified as a flaw by the perfection seeking aspect of the personality, taking this native onto the higher aspect of the Virgoan journey. This higher aspect is to develop the ability to discern what is right, to apply this to body, mind and spirit and so reveal their own inner light. Ultimately their task is to share this light in service to all of humanity, perhaps as a healer or teacher, but also simply through living and modelling a connected and caring life.

As we all have Virgo in our chart this time of year is a great time to consider the concept of discernment – of what is right for you. No judgement on what isn’t – or on others who may oterh choices – just being at home within yourself and what is quietly right for you.

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