September 18th, 2010

Crazy times – so busy! I haven’t done much blogging  lately and am vowing to do it more often in the future! hmmm hope that isn’t wishful thinking! I got this email the other day from astrology.com which I thought was quite thought provoking. Believe in astrology or not – often forcasts will help us to reflect on something that is challenging us to grow – always wonderful to see a way we can do that in a positive way. 


Pluto, which has been retrograde since early April, goes direct on September 13-14 in Capricorn. Now that it is back in forward gear, it can continue its main purpose of reorganizing practical matters especially to do with career and money.

Pluto indicates to us that the path ahead is never straight. We take three steps forward and then pause to either reconsider, or go deeper to find better answers, or reverse our actions to undo our mistakes. If we have learned the lessons this planet is trying to teach us we all should have become a little wiser, and a bit more resilient because of the experiences of recent months. We should have learned the lessons that Pluto has been asking us to learn.

Pluto is a very slow moving planet, and we are still early in Pluto’s sixteen year journey through Capricorn, the first phase of which is supposed to be all about destruction.

We are being asked to review and re-evaluate our lives, our habits, our patterns of behaviors that belong in the past and no longer work for us. This is the time to dispose of old baggage we are carrying around before we can start to rebuild for the future. Ask yourself if you are hanging on sentimentally to something once very valuable or even essential to you, but no longer works for you.

In order for true transformation to take place, each one of us has to learn to let go of what is worn out and what we have outgrown — whether it be in our attitudes, our relationships or even our possessions. Only when we have cleared our decks, can we open ourselves up to new growth. The time for backtracking and reconsidering is now over. Start building and creating what will stand the test of time in your personal path ahead.

hope it struck a revelance for you.