Gay Landeta

August  ….. about 2/3 of the way through the year…. How are you travelling?

Many people start the year with great plans on changing their life by doing things different. Don’t you love that clean page, clean slate feeling. And then life happens and things don’t get done.

Often we feel disappointed with ourself and sometimes become so uncomfortable that we look around for a scapegoat (so we don’t have to feel so bad).

…. It must have been someone else’s fault it didn’t get done or that we were not successful – surely it was because I was too busy, or the kids need support or work …. and on we go….

But beware blame! Not only does it lead to bitterness but it creates a pattern of avoiding responsibility; which is a deadly block to change. Once something is someone else’s fault what is the point?

Recently I saw someone so stuck in their own misery and so entranced with their story of being hardly done by that nothing was going to make a difference.

Until they take a breath and accept that they were at least partly responsible for what was going on it is impossible to support them in getting out of that hole. They are blind and deaf to reality and sadly, digging a bigger hole with each thought.

The overriding truth of the power of the mind is that what we focus on builds stronger neural networks in our brain and what we don’t gradually weakens and eventually disappears, the old adage use it or lose it is both a good and bad truth.

So what are you focusing on?

Your positive goals and intentions?

The story’s about what is stopping you?

Or perhaps the feelings of pain and inadequacy os staying stuck in your old ways?

Guess which one will get you what you want?


Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want!


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