Being a fixed earth sign Taurus offers us a lovely hiatus between fiery Aries, which ends around the 21st of April, and Airy Gemini, which begins around the 21st of May.

The strong steadfast energy of Taurus gives us a chance to stabilise the energy that Aries initiated. I have long found that the energy for my new year starts after Easter, and once again this year has followed suit so I am definitely taking advantage of this change of pace to come back to myself.

Like the bull, Taurus is strong and steadfast (except when enraged!) and stubborn. Taurus will always do things in their own time in their own way, there is no point trying to push or change a Taurean. You just have to love them the way they are! It’s not that they don’t like to change. They just like to do it when they are ready.

The soul purpose of Taurus is to establish a sense of true meaning and value in life.As Taurus is ruled by Venus – the planet of love, pleasure and money their challenges are around such things as laziness, greed and jealously … but as they learn to be of the world, not driven by it, they are freed from attachments and can truly embody the art of living, sharing their light with all those around them.


Taurean energy also invites us all into this material plane, into our bodies and our senses. Embodied mindfulness (being absolutely present in the now) is one of the Buddhist foundation to an enlightened way of being. If we are in the now and grounded in our senses, we cannot be in fear or judgement or expectation, it becomes impossible. That is how we can truly experience peace on earth.

You can play with this right now. Be in your body… notice your hands, your feet, your breath… Feel the breeze on your skin… Notice the smells and the sounds around you… fill your senses and take this moment to fully embrace lining in the present.

You can deepen this by taking few more moments to notice the world around you. Quietly look around you, noticing a colour, see how many shades of that colour you can see… Then you may choose a shape… then perhaps look at the shadows…

As you mindfully look around you are engaged and embodied in the present. The more we practice this the less anxiety we will feel as we start to physiologically change our bodies response to the stress of living in this world of ours. So important right now.


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