Gno whereay Landeta

D x V  x F > R

Commit this formula to memory!

Why? Because this formula, sometimes called the Gleicher formula, holds the key to changing what is not working in your life. Once you understand what each component means and how they work together you can use it as fuel instead of sabotage when moving forward. It can become as easy as 2+2=4!

The equation : Remember maths, I know you, too, were probably looking out the window so a quick reminder,  < or > equals greater than or less than. The point of the arrow is the smaller part of the equation. The other  calculation to recall is multiplication: when we multiply (X) we multiply the effect, not just add up the components.

S…. D x V x F > R

R: is for Resistance. Resistance is the big block to change. Getting stuck and not moving because of our fears is one of the biggest reason we stay stuck in the same old same old. Staying in the same old same old is fine if we are enjoying it, but not so much fun if we are struggling.

So what are we multiplying so it becomes greater than our Resistance to change?

D: is for Dissatisfaction. We need to feel a certain level of dissatisfaction before we are prepared to move outside our comfort zone. Getting out of stuck usually means moving outside our comfort zone. Often we numb uncomfortable feelings down with working too hard, blocking our feelings, negating our experiences or just the odd glass or 6 of wine.  Any and all distractions can be useful to keep ourselves from actually seeing what in our life is not working. Letting yourself feel dissatisfied is a core component of shifting from here to there.

V: is for Vision. We need to have a vision of where we want to go. Often I hear people say they have no idea of what they want. This is actually not true. It is just clouded too much to see. Often we may not know what it looks like but we do know how it could feel. Once we start to explore our dissatisfaction small glimmers of what could be start to emerge. It is true that sometimes it is just impossible to see what could be, often because if we were shown we would just not believe we could do it. Letting yourself know what you know, no matter how fleeting, and owning it is a start. Be brave and write it down. No one has to see it but you!

F: we need to define what the first steps toward our goal is. Without taking steps, ie action in the outer world, nothing will happen. How many ‘gonna’ stories have we all listened to – and created. These are fine fantasies however they will not create reality (‘Secret’ or not) without solid steps. Sometimes even taking the so called wrong step will take us in the right direction. Take a step that feels right and then evaluate. Try using your senses, not necessarily your head. It can create too many a limiting stories.

Remember this equation.

D x V x F > R Your Dissatisfaction multiplied by your Vision multiplied by those First steps must be greater than your Resistance.

So do not be afraid to feel your Dissatisfaction.

Nor stop yourself from dreaming your Vision.

And make sure you try something, anything as a First step.

And you will shift your Resistance.

I ask you : How can you apply this to change something in your life that you have been struggling with?

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