Gay Landeta

Many people have trouble running a successful business, instead the running a business becomes being the business. They loose all perspective in the day to day grind. When you are a therapist or your business is based on what you offer it becomes even more problematic.

The ups and downs of the business day are a personal achievement – or slight, depending on the day. When the books are full it is a reflection of your skill and talent whereas empty space can bring up feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

observe your business

running a business

Having a business is an opportunity to grow and becoming an observer is one excellent way to remove the drama.

You can do this in business by stopping and deciding what roles you take in your business. You certainly wear the CEO hat (the visionary), very likely the marketing and the product development hat, probably the administrator and financial planner hat, maybe the graphic designer or branding hat, maybe the cleaners hat and more than likely you are the technician.

running a successful business

Think about each role you play in your work and start to Unknown Objectseparate them out so you can observe each area and make decisions from a clear perspective. One way to do this is to create a folder that has dividers for each hat you wear. Keep all the relevant documents, etc in that area. For example the CEO is the visionary of the business. Have a visionary business plan in that section – and review it often. Keep your Marketing materials in another section, your cash flows, budgets, profit and loss statements, etc (no matter how rudimentary) in the financial planner section. And so on.

How to run a business better? Compartmentalise it. Looking at it from different perspectives will help you make less emotive decisions so your business can grow and prosper! Maybe it is a jungle how to run a business out there but it can be a more peaceful one than it might be at the moment!



This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Business you Want! All rights reserved 2015.