By Gay Landeta

Did you know staying in hobby mode after you are ready to make something you love your livelihood is one of the ways practitioners and other heart centred entrepreneurs sabotage their work getting out there? 

Here are a 4 keys to stop having a hobby and start creating a business: 

1.Schedule time for your business. Don’t just fit it in. Create the space for it, even if you don’t have any clients to see. By space I mean the physical, mental and emotional space as well as a defined time in your schedule. And then, in that space, work on your business. Create plans, develop intentions, think about marketing, design brochures, write materials, do anything that is related to your business to officially claim that space as your time to connect to your clients. Then, once your preparations are working you will easily transition into filling that time with clients.

2.Look at your business as a business, what is not working? Don’t get caught up in your emotions at this point, feeling bad or inadequate. It is as it is. Your work may be your love but if you really want to make a living out of it, getting it out there is simply business. Business you can do with love and care and ethics, but business all the same.

3.Check into any mindsets that you may have around business or money and do work on them. Everyday if you need to. This is the personal growth that is required to step up anywhere in our life! You can do it, don’t let what others are doing intimidate you, do the work and become more of who you truly are and step into your power.

4.Once you know what is not working make the plan to fix it. Then do it. Action is the only key to this.  If you don’t know how then find someone who does. This is not the time to ask friends or others who are struggling, they don’t know the answers either. You want someone who knows what you don’t to short cut your journey to success. Be brave and claim what is yours. Don’t try for perfection – that will NEVER happen except in your dreams. Just give it a go.

If you are a therapist, practitoner or other heart centred consultant and are looking for more tips on how to create a business you love click here and register for my on-line class to learn how to get more clients and make more money in your practice while remaining true to yourself. You owe it to yourself! ; )

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