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Many entrepreneurs by nature are solo flyers and can be reluctant to share their ideas with others. They may feel people will not support them or even understand their big ideas, they may be protective of their self esteem and concerned that others may not think they are capable of it.

They may fear someone may steal their idea or they might just have difficulty expressing the big idea they have. 
This type of thinking can be considered to be hind brain survival tactics. The hind brain or brain stem is the oldest part of our brain and uses its ability to sense fear to survive.

On the other hand some entrepreneurs are big mouths, they shoot off their mouth about every great idea they have and gain a reputation for being gonna’s not doers. Have you heard of the right brain? The neo-cortex is divided up into the left and the right hemispheres and the right hemisphere is largely responsible for big picture ideas. Unfortunately it is not so good at making things happen.

Some entrepreneurs can be very bad delegators, feeling that if they don’t do it, it won’t be done right. Details and bean counting in general tend to be the left hemispheres job. For these folk there are often far too many jobs on the to do list that must be completed (perfectly) to leave time for anything meaningful.

Finally, many entrepreneurs in the service industry have enormous difficulty dealing with the feelings that arise through competition. The feeling of competition is the result of comparing our self to another, something we have been doing since time immemorial. Comparison, relationships, and connections with others are all part of the mammalian mid-brain’s job.

So what is happening with these entrepreneurs? What is missing in the picture? The part of the brain that will coordinate all these areas to make considered and often inspired decisions and take the action that is needed to make it happen.  The frontal lobes. This higher functioning part of the brain relies on good foundations, a whole brain, to function.

What does a whole brain mean? It means the ability to use all the aforementioned processes without getting stuck in one or another process. To stay open and interested instead of closed, stressed and switched off.

Once our brain is operating in whole-brain mode the neo-cortex can develop it’s big ideas and the processes to make it happen, the mammalian brain can develop connections and the instinctual hind brain can warn you of real danger, perhaps a ‘shark’ in the water.

Great ideas emerge and an appropriate Action Plan can be developed and executed. You can use that gut instinct to find the right contacts to develop, not hinder, your growth. Synchronicity and success flows.

Tip: this is when your self-care list is essential.

You must know what your non stressed base line feels like so you can identify when you are out of whack BEFORE it affects your decision making.

You also need to know what things enable you to find your open and relaxed perspective and how to do it quickly.  Your list can include such things as going for a walk or a run, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, etc. It can include creative pursuits such as drawing or cooking or things less worthy such as a hunk of chocolate, some TV, a gossip with a friend, time on facebook or surfing the net. Anything is fine as long as it helps the brain to shift gears and you end up feeling less stressed, and more relaxed and switched on.

Make your list and keep it handy!

Ensure you have some instant boosters on the list, for example PACE and Brain Gym movements were created to develop and reinforce whole-brained thinking.
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