Syliva’s new owner came to me with a terrible dilemma, she had fallen in love with a gorgeous little 12 week old rescue puppy who had turned into a tiny devil. Sylvia was savaging her other dog, George, a roughty-toughty 12-month-old Cairns Terrier who had become terrified of this little devil who seemed to want to rip out his guts… My client could also no longer take Sylvia on walks because of the aggression she had towards other dogs. My client had other things on her plate and was afraid she would have to give up on this little terror unless something changed.

We did one session. Sylvia came along for the ride in her carrier but her owner ‘surrogated’ for her. In kinesiology one person can surrogate for another – take their place in a balance process – with all the appropriate permissions. This is very useful when working with kids or animals! 

Our session with Sylvia removed the emotional trauma that she appeared to have experienced at 5 weeks old. 

And it seemed to work well. She was exhausted at the end of the session. And her owner reported that from that day forth she became Sylvia the wonder dog – no more problems with aggression – and best friends with George the Terrier.

You can never tell what is going to happen when you do a surrogate balance – but this was a beautiful outcome for everyone – and so fast. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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