Here we are at another powerful New Moon – have you noticed old stuff coming up? Hidden fears and almost forgotten painful experiences that you thought you had processed? Maybe they are coming up in your dreams – or perhaps you are finding yourself triggered by a book you are reading or in a conversation you are having…


There is no doubt we are created as ‘works in progress’, our learning and growth will never be complete – and that is how it should be – so when old stuff comes up it offers us the opportunity to gather new wisdom.


But what about old trauma and difficult times – when do we stop processing and start moving on?  When it no longer holds us. When we learn enough from an experience to know that  we are no longer defined by it. And when we learn so well from the experience that it will NEVER happen again. That is what our in-built safety system needs to know to release us from the past.


A Full Moon is a time to let go – but a New Moon is a perfect time to welcome in the new, gathered from the wisdom that has been gained from the past. Instead of avoiding that old painful stuff, leave it in the past by deciding to focus on the positive things you have learnt from it.
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Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself : 


      • What changes have I made or can I make that will help me know that it will never happen again?  (These might be appraching things differently or thinking about things differently. They may be about knowing that you are older now and just know better. They may be about knowing you simply make better decisions for a myriad of reasons.)


      • What new insights do I need to deeply connect to and absolutely believe about myself or about the world? (These may be that you are good enough as you are, or that you deserve respect and consideration. They may be that the majority of people are good or that life is challenging at times but those times to pass. Dig into to see what makes you feel safe.)


      • What re-frames do I need to make? (How can you change your perspective to see it in a different light?)


      • How can I grow from that old experience? (Is there any other learnings or wisdom to be gained from hanging on to it?)


Then work with these to make them your truths.


Call me if are having trouble identifying or integrating these – sometimes an outside perspective is needed to see things differently – or some kinesiology to help let them go. Call me on 0418 795 135 or book in a session in my on-line calendar 


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