Once upon a time I used to think business planning belonged in the corporate world, but over time I realised that continuing to do things as and when I needed to meant I left a lot of things on the table. Undone. Mostly things I didn’t like to do. And it was affecting my practice.

Starting to do some basic business planning was part of the turn around from being a struggling practitioner to having a thriving practice. This is a simple process to follow anytime you want to focus and get results.

Super simple business planning for your practice success!

For the last couple of years, I have been using the Best Self Journal system because it has all the elements that are needed to stay motivated and create meaning and joy along the way.

I highly recommend it as a system, they generously share the full pdf of their diary here and they have heaps of free support available.

If you are a handwriting sort of person you will probably want to buy a hardcopy at https://au.bestself.co – they often have great offers on but if there isn’t you can use our code Cr8! at the checkout for 15% off.

Here is to a successful quarter full of perfect clients! 😉

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