And now, all at once, we are well and truly into dreamy Pisces. February 19th to March 20th. The time of the Piscean traits of love and devotion.

This sign is the 12th of the Zodiac and as such is the culmination of our journey into ourselves. The symbol of Pisces, the two fish, shares the duality that we all experience being alive. The higher and the lower. When the personality reigns the mind and matter become more important than the journey – however there comes a time when the focus lifts and the journey itself becomes the purpose.   

Pisces soul words are “I leave my fathers house and turning back I save”.

Leaving aside the archaic language, the essence of that is of the soul-fused Piscean journey to come to closure with all of the karmic and non-karmic holds to the past. And then taking the wisdom from this learning to return in service to all of humanity.

Of course that means the Piscean soul has to have the sensitivity and depth to dig into the subconscious to bring the old to be resolve. This can show up on a day to day basis in the personality as being ‘overly’ sensitive or empathetic.

Those with strong Piscean traits, either born in the sign or with it significantly placed in their charts, tend to be wide minded, compassionate and caring souls. Creative, imaginative, intuitive and, being of the water element, quite adaptable. But boundaries can often be an issue – with all that watery energy – as can staying grounded and present. There can also be an innate laziness – a desire for the easy road that can lead to a retreat into addictions that soften the experience of reality such as alcohol and drugs.

With the strong inner focus, sensitivity and desire to help that comes with this sign the drama triangle remains a constant trap. Pisces brings with it strong emotions that need space to be expressed. I always remember my little piscean saying “I just need to suffer a bit’. Helping him to accept and be responsible for his emotions meant he could ‘suffer’ a bit and then move on instead of getting lost in the role of the victim. Developing an understanding of the karmic strings that the drama triangle creates can help with the shift to a more boundaried and responsible existence while still supporting others – the journey of the soul.

(If this Piscean energy has activated the drama triangle for you, maybe through subtle feelings of blame or guilt or more overtly in the role of the victim, rescuer or persecutor my freebie class is always there for a revisit. Click here.)

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