Many years ago Theo Laub and I met at an amazing workshop on Cortes Island in BC, Canada. The Initiation Intensive was called The Heart of the Shaman and called us to dig deep for 10 days. It was an amazing experience that proved to me once again that there is so much more to life than appears to be in this reality. There were no psychotropics used but the experience was certainly psychedelic! As a group we became very close but, as always, there were some that stayed closer to my heart and Theo is one.


Theo is a gifted poet and has had two books published since we met. She sends out her wonderful words every so often and I wake up to poetry such as this in my inbox….
I think this encapsulates the joy that comes once we have truly embraced acceptance of the journey we are taking in this life. That doesn’t mean we can’t strive or aspire – it means that we do that while we accept the absolute perfection of life and our journey as it is.




on turning sixty-eight 
this morning
I lay on the love seat,
the dog dozing beneath the tent
of my knees, 
and watched as the sky
grew translucent 
then gave up its light
to a relentless purple cloud.

it may look lonely,

just the dog and I,
yet I wake with joy

not every morning

but most.

oh there were years 

I crawled across burning embers, just like you,
years when I ached for things 
that never came my way

but they were never

destined for me.

now I can say

I wanted the life I’ve had.

seasons and skies and twilight hours

dogs and trees and tears in the night.

and I want the life I have now.

this house

brims with love
rings with laughter —
a misread word that turns
a poem on its head;
a stumble suddenly transformed into a dance;
a funny voice to entertain the dog
who, duly quizzical, peers into my mouth,
tilting her head this way and that;
or simply laughing at myself —
an aging woman 
curled up on the love seat
laughing uproariously 
at her own laughter
as she lay on the love seat


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