Welcome Leo! Here we are in season, July 22ish to August 22ish. Why do I say ‘ish’? Firstly, where we are on the planet can determine the date that we enter and leave an energy.

But more significantly because moving into a zodiac sign is not a static event but a fluid process. We travel through the cusp – which is an overlap of the preceding sign – before we are immersed in the full expression of the energy. And then again, as we leave, we travel through the cusp where the energies are transforming until we enter fully into the next sign, in this case Virgo.

It is, like life, a journey of transformation! And this year continues to be a doozy! It certainly has been an amazing year in the clinic (virtual and in reality), with so many clients responding to the changes around them, determined to release the patterns that no longer serve. It is such an honour to do this work!

Anyway, back to Leo, we cannot forget him! And with Leo being a masculine zodiac sign, bringing us the strong yang energies, forgetting him is unlikely! Leo is ruled by the sun and, in expression, is the completion of our ego’s journey so he does need to be seen!

Those people who have a lot of Leo in their charts are natural leaders, full of charisma. When they shine their light you can feel the sun shining through. Leo’s firey energy is connected to the spine and heart – we can all feel into that energy at yoga when we are asked to ‘shine our heart centre up’.

Leo’s evolutionary challenge is to become a fully integrated, conscious individual for the good of the whole.


Leo the Lion! Time to Roar! 

Leo’s make beautiful heart centred leaders, generous and caring – and when in their shiniest place they truly express the power of love. The challenge for Leo is to develop the ego and express this beautiful leadership energy. And this will always be challenging as the ego loves to be diverted into selfishness or control or arrogantly putting their own well-being above all others.

This journey in Leo is, in reality, a fundamental one that we each must go through as we need a fully developed and healthy ego to be able to express our true authentic self. The ego often gets a bum wrap, especially in spiritual circles – but in fact we must have it to transcend it. Only once we know and accept ourselves can we truly step aside and drop into the deep centre of who we truly are. Without that knowing we can fall prey to manipulation and control – for example cults are notorious for breaking down egos and dictating the rules, not to mention controlling relationships, etc…

So Leo, what have you for us this year? It will be a fairly intense time for most of us as Chiron, the wounded healer (holding both our wounds and our healing), has just gone retrograde for a few months so will be digging up a few old hurts. I think many of us are already feeling it with lock-downs. While Queensland may not have to endure that at the moment, everything is unknown and finding our clear centre is essential to keep anxiety from eating away at our centre.

One way to do that is to work with the Leo energy and check into what is inspiring our choices, decisions and actions. Are we choosing our thoughts? Are we listening deeply – beyond the ‘me,’me’ me’ of the ego into what is truly right for us as we make our decisions?

Clues will be in the actions we take and in the level of respect and consideration we have for ourselves and others. In our ability to stand in our own power with compassion and care for others – true Inner Leadership. It seems that these times are challenging all of these aspects, Chiron is certainly doing its job! But, if in the end, we can accept what is as it is, then true peace can be had.

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