Happy New Year! Chinese New Year this time – we have finally left the plodding Ox year and entered the Year Of The Tiger. This is the 3rd year in a 12 year cycle. With everything becoming more settled and the world beginning to open up many of us are feeling a sense of settling into a new way of being.

year of the water tiger

I saw a beautiful meme the other day on instagram. 2020 was a woman asleep on the ground, 2021 she was growing roots and 2022 she was growing into a flower. In the second part, called ‘this is how we heal”, the woman asleep was labeled discomfort, the woman growing roots was labelled acceptance and the woman growing into a flower was labeled growth. (@womensmagic if you want to see it)

I felt that image rather beautifully encapsulated the journey that we are on in this cycle that began in 2020 with the Year of the Metal Rat.

So how are you flowing into this Year of the Tiger?

Have your ideas about life changed from 2019? Perhaps that is a silly question – I think it has for all of us! But what I mean is, within the changes that have taken place are you becoming more authentic to who you truly are? Are you dropping old ways of being that no longer serve you and connecting more deeply with your own being?

We have just come through a Metal Yang and then a Metal Yin year. Metal element is autumn, falling away, it is about self worth and letting go. It is the time to clean out the old negativity. The emotion is grief. And that is something we have all been experiencing on one level or another over the last 2 years.

Nurture and flow or control and contain?

In the Sheng Cycle (which is the regenerative cycle in Chinese Medicine) it is said ‘off metal runs the water’. Water (the element we are in for these next 2 years) is all about trust. And once we fall into trust grief does fall away.

It is said in the Ko (controlling) cycle ‘metal chops down wood’. Wood is growth, the energy of spring. If we try to grow before we have fallen into trust the grief will ’chop’ us down.

sheng cycle Are you feeling in the nurtured state of your Sheng cycle? Are you ready to flow with the trust of the Water element?

Water is the ultimate in flexibility as it flows around all obstructions. Water is the holder of fear and anxiety but also willpower and ambition. Trust is the balancing factor. As it is a Yang year it is an energetic year – but from a watery sense of flow and trust in our inner knowing.

But to trust we have to back ourselves. And the reality is that is hard to do in this age of fear and doubt. Once we enter the world we so easily get pulled back into the controlling Ko Cycle.

So how do you listen to your still small voice and back yourself in your actions?

These are good questions to sit with over the rest of this new moon cycle as you cultivate your intentions for this Water Tiger Year.

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