And so Gemini. I procrastinated on writing this because this year (2021) Gemini has so many extra whammies up its sleeve with the eclipse May 26th and Mercury Retrograde later in the week.

These sorts of combined events are the things astrologers love but can be quite confusing for everyone else. Generic readings don’t feel quite right – but not wrong – and it can be easier to ignore something that may be insightful out of sheer confusion.

I have always found the way through this kind of confusion is to be the observer – using noticing skills rather than jumping into judging too quickly. For example, just because we are born in Gemini, have a strong Gemini influence in our chart or are in a Gemini season, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will affect us in a particular way.

If we use our noticing skills then if it feels right and aligns with what we know then we can use it. If not we can leave it. By noticing, anything can become a stairway to growth and to being our own best self.

And, as a bonus, by using noticing and the practice of being the observer we are also honing our intuition and inner knowing, and so coming home to our own authentic truth rather than farming it out to something other than ourselves.

Over time this helps us trust ourselves and our journey while staying open for the guiding wisdom that can appear in almost any guise. Self confidence, self esteem and just plain old happiness is so much better when we live an Inner-Directed life.

Gemini - the fun friend

So, on to Gemini. May 21st to June 20th.

The twins. The fun friend!

Gemini is the fun friend, the gregarious life of the party, imaginative, energetic and smart. They prefer lighthearted fun times and can seem – or even be – quite superficial in their approach to life.

Gemini’s Soul challenge is to see the ‘dual nature’ of being alive (the symbology of the twins). Once the changeable and often contradictory nature of the personality is seen we can start to choose a better way. And so Gemini is a key time of awareness and awakening as well as (astrologically) time to use the focus and determination of the logical mind.

Being an air element Gemini has ‘airy’ challenges to face. They can be quite unstable and even deceitful, using their clever logical minds to manipulate those around them – and then happily rationalise their choices.

Gemini is mercurial – the life of the party – but can also judge too quickly. This can lead to relationship challenges until they learn to see others more deeply. They are very independent and need freedom and can be here one minute and gone the next, but they will always return for those they value deeply.

The journey of Gemini, from the swings of the personality to the expression of love through true wisdom is a journey we are all on, no matter where Gemini may live in our charts. These next few weeks will offer us the opportunity to take yet another step of growth into our own true nature and let go of what no longer works as we create the life we want to live!

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