Gay Landeta

I love food and always have. I also love cooking and eating in general and still remember learning health foods how to cook Mac Cheese at about 3. I love eating nutritious foods that feel sustaining, like the smoothies my blender makes or juices I squash myself – but sometimes I just don’t want to. I know my juicer together with my yoga practice certainly has been a large part of what has kept me going while this house move has been going on,  but I definitely can’t do the same ‘health combo’ everyday – even if it would be good for my stress levels.

Times change and food crazes come and go. I can remember when the ultimate health food was a morning smoothie of raw liver, eggs and wheatgerm! Yuck! But it worked for some. Consciously eating is about being aware of what we put into our bodies and when. Conscious eating bring up the question : ‘what am I satisfying with this?’ An emotional craving? What is right for me physically? What someone in authority says is good for me? What the latest craze is? What someone else will think of me? What will make me loose weight (for others this might be gain weight <sigh>) ? …. Taking the time for self awareness about these questions certainly has helped me to unlock the keys to my personal (pretty well) healthy diet.

For example, for me, moving to Tenterfield is exciting in part because of the bountiful garden we have inherited. I feel a bit Maggie Beer or Jamie Oliver wandering around with a fresh fig as I choose dinner! (Do I watch too many cooking shows?) I do love fresh seasonal eating! But I also know there are family and cultural traditions I love – for example this time of year makes me think of Scottish Shortbread because my mum made the BEST IN THE WORLD.

nutritious foods For me there is a closure to the year in making a batch. Sitting down to a piece of shortbread and a good cup of tea is one way I feel connected to my family traditions and family far away. Even if they haven’t made shortbread for years! And this year, with moving to a place that reminds me a little of my childhood home, I miss my Canadian family just a little bit extra. But I also know that the butter, flour and sugar combo – even if super simple and homemade, is not so great for my digestion – especially if I indulge too much. Let alone for my waistline! So the balance will be to be disciplined and not be swayed by the ‘just one more piece would be so yummy’ mind game! I need to set myself up for success and be kind to myself on all levels, not overindulging or punishing myself. The best way to do this is with awareness and listening in on all levels together with committing to being in charge of my physical, mental and emotional – rather than at their mercy. OH yes, and also to not get caught in what some authority recommends or not. That way I can make a batch of shortbread if I feel like it and enjoy it.

I challenge you to listen deeply this season and find the balance with your food. If you would like to read a little more about the intelligence of following your own wisdom have a look at these articles :

I really like this blog – have a read of this for a really balanced perspective on the current all green smoothie craze …. http://www.thenutritionguruandthechef.com/2013/06/03/why-im-not-that-into-green-smoothies-even-though-im-a-nutritionist 

And then have a look at this study that proves that one persons’ nutritious food recipes are not necessarily going to work for another. It really is all about learning about what works for you, only using advice as potential guidance.

Cheers! 🙂