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Welcome to the Astrological New Year! Many people find that they don’t really get an impetus to start the year moving till around now. That could well be their natural response to the astrological calendar that begins in Aries on the 20th of March. New Years are about new beginnings and Aries is all about that!

It was just about exactly 12 months ago that Aries ushered in the new cycle that shaped 2020 as the borders closed and we experienced the first lockdown. It was a time of stress and challenge, but many people found in that space learnings about how they wanted their life to change. When Aries is ready to move it happens. It certainly moved us into a new direction!

I do love the energy of Aries and I guess with my work focusing on change that makes sense! Yes, they can be frustrating (I am married to a quintessential one!) but they are also admirably self-directed. The key personality words are “I am” and they teach us all how to choose a path and take it – regardless. Aries is all about looking forward. Aries doesn’t dwell in the past – it likes to step forward not back. A great lesson for all the over-thinkers of the world (me included!)

The challenge can be for the Aries native (those born during its cycle) to consider others – it’s not that they don’t care, they are often very caring people. It’s just that they consider everyone has the same level of passion and commitment to their own selves and forward movement that they do.

These are the passionate leaders of the world. They act. Once they evolve past their wild personality and its innate desire for power and control, life stops being a battlefield. Instead they can express their incredible will power to boldly go into life, unfolding and manifesting, fighting for right principles and directing their life with intelligence and love.

We are in Aries from now till April 20 – and regardless of when you were born you can hitch a ride with this energy. As we enter this new cycle what awarenesses have been raised, what new potential is waiting to be born? This is not a time to be pulled back into the past, this is about welcoming in the new and finding your pathway through.

If you are struggling to listen or follow through (or even if you aren’t!) keep an eye out next week when I will be setting up for a new freebie group session to help settle into this New Year. 🙂 I will make it Brain Gym® based so you can get a sense of what you can do for yourself if you join me in my upcoming Brain Gym workshop….

I hope you are having a lovely start to a whole new cycle!

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