Gay Landeta

Water! Essential to life. We can last for ages without food but not so long without the wet stuff. It facilitates every process in our body and especially our brain.

Stop right now. Are you thirsty? I know it is winter – but you might still be thirsty – and if so you probably needed to drink yesterday! We are set up for survival, not optimum living so  most of us only get thirsty when we are getting  a little dehydrated and some of our essential processes are becoming laboured. Like thinking. And if we don’t take the clue we can get hit with a headache out of the blue.

Did you know that any stress increases the amount of water we need? Stress can include the obvious such heat but also the less obvious things such as the dehydration of being in air conditioning or in an emotionally stressful state.

If you aren’t a regular water drinker try keeping a bottle on your desk or somewhere you go past often and practice finishing it each day.

And if you feel waterlogged even thinking about it try just small sips. Gulping it, while satisfying when really thirsty, can make us feel ‘sloshy’ and bloated leaving an un-comfortable memory around water. Just take a few sips, rolling the water around your mouth, but do it regularly and see if that helps you become more hydrated.

Take time to notice the changes, most people find clearer thinking, better skin, less aches and pains, fewer food cravings and the obvious – less thirst.




This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you Want to Live! All rights reserved 2014.