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How many times have you had a brilliant idea in a peak of excitement, only to find later it seemed to just lead you to one of those trickier learning places you would have rather detoured around?

Or made a decision when feeling a little low only to later regret it?

Both of these situations, feeling high or low on life, are times when we are deeply in our human nature (as opposed to our True Nature).

Our human nature is who we are on this planet. Our personality, our ego, our thoughts and emotions, our physical body; in fact everything we use to interact with others. These are the parts of us that will be no longer visible once we die. Esoterically we can see these parts as the vehicle that we have been given in this life to work with, to learn with and to experience being on the planet Earth with. The driver of our vehicle, often called our Highest Self, or our True Nature, is that intangible aspect within.

Out Higher Self has a voice but can be drowned out by

our thoughts and feelings.

It is an aspect of us that is free of judgement or demands and is often called the still small voice, but, in our busy 21st century life, it is often very hard to hear. Working with this voice, however, listening and responding to its cues, is what many of us choose to do to live our life on Purpose.

So how do we know when we are in alignment with that quiet higher aspect of our-self when we make a decision?

We can allow space in making decisions and become aware of waiting until the fog of the personality lifts before making an the choice. That means neither making a decision when we are ‘up’ nor ‘down’. So how does that look on a day to day basis?

Firstly be aware how you feel when you are making a decision. Sometimes we humans make decisions when we are feeling down or depressed. Sometimes there seems no other way, or doom and gloom predicts only one outcome, or we may make a decision just to get us out of uncomfortable feelings. Be aware though, often when we are down or depressed, many of us loose the ability to hear that quiet still voice. Before making a big decision step back and do some self care. Take some time to be gentle and loving with yourself. Allow the fog to settle and clarity to emerge and if it doesn’t get support from a health practitioner or therapist to help you get back into ‘You’.

Another red herring, and one that can be a little trickier, is the decision made when something feels so exciting and wonderful that we can’t stop ourselves from running with our own brilliance. Think back to a decision made in the height of passion – that turned out not to be the best of ideas. That’s your example! And we all have them. 

This doesn’t mean that we should choose not to live our passion, but that we need to be mindful that a passionate place may not be in alignment with anything other than our personalities. Passion is wonderful stuff. Art, music and other amazing human expressions rely on passion to inspire and move us. But it is not necessarily soul inspired. Being passionately inspired by someone’s gorgeous physique could be a case in point!

Clients often tell me about times they have made a decision inspired by passion, for example deciding to move to a new town after meeting the ‘One’ (who wasn’t) or leaving a job for a new brilliant idea (that didn’t work out). Much better to wait until the passion abates and the fog of the personality lifts. This does not necessarily mean just listening to the rational mind. It can scream louder than the passionate one!

Simply, this means waiting until we can hear that quiet still voice and making our decisions in alignment with our Highest Self, our True Nature. The advantage of doing this is that by waiting and making a conscious and clear decision it becomes much easier to take responsibility for the outcome, regardless of that outcome, because we know it was the Right thing to do.

I hope this helps you Create the Life You Want to Live…

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