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Create your Year 2013


January 11th, 2013

I trust that you all celebrated the recent festivities with loved ones and had some time to ponder the past 12 months… and the potential in the next 12 to come.

It is New Moon time at the moment – exact at 545 Saturday the 12thhope you spend some time making some wishes for 2013 over the next day or so – anytime over the weekend after lunch on Saturday would be nice timing.

This time of year is a great pivot point for reflection, contemplation and planning. However, although New Year Resolutions are easy to make, they are often more challenging to keep.

In order to assist people on their New Year journey we hosted the ‘Create Your Yearworkshop here are the Create clinic on the 5th of January. Due to the demand, we are planning on hosting another Create your Year Workshop on Sunday the 3rd of February to align with the energy of the Chinese New Year.

People often like the idea of a goal but have trouble making them happen – or they just don’t give them a go – to help people align and manifest their intentions I choose a different focus area at the Create your Year Workshop.

This time it was the trick of walking the line between ‘Action’ and ‘Non Action’. The thinking up and setting up of those grand plans, while also doing the work to get them. The key is to flow between visioning and doing… they are both important.Without the idea, we have no point to work towards. Without the doing, we have no way of getting there. However, all of one gets nothing done.

Check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Createthelifeyouwanttolive , there is a short video which explains it a little more.

Have fun creating!


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