Gay Landeta

Our mindset, the way we think about the world and ourselves,
is the water we swim in.

(c) gaylandetaIt is fundamental to our success and certainly contributes to our failures.For the most part it is unconscious and often just a build up of habitual ways of thinking.

Recognising these limiting thoughts and transforming them does transform our life. Plus, while no one can guarantee a successful outcome through a mindset, one only needs to listen to a successful person to realise that having a positive way of thinking contributes a great deal to success.
Worst case? A positive mindset offers the resilience to get up and have another go which is absolutely essential in business.

This is not to say that pessimistic thinking has no place in business.
Balanced pessimism is imperative when making a decision where the negative outcome must be considered fully. In fact research shows that the best CEO leans towards a pessimistic rather than optimistic outlook.However the best sales or marketing people are undoubtedly optimistic. So, while you have your big picture planning hat on, definitely look at the potential threats and potholes, however once you decide to go ahead maintain positive forward momentum.

This can be tricky so be prepared. Take some time to write down the strategies that you know will help you maintain that positive mental attitude. And feel free to contact me if you need a little help!

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