Consider this scenario…
Jane and Paul meet at a Networking event.

Jane is excited by Paul’s offer and gets his business card.Unknown Object

Paul says he is having an event in a few days to launch his offer but Jane explains she is too busy.

Jane gets home and adds Paul to her Facebook friends and finds his like page. She emails him for more info and to book.

Jane doesn’t hear back so emails him again. Paul emails an apology a few days later, gives her a bit more info and refers her to his booking agent.

Paul’s booking agent takes time to get back to Jane but does finally ring and discusses the event. Jane is still interested. Weeks pass without the promised email information.

The booking agent rings and leaves a message to apologize for lack of contact but doesn’t leave a number. Jane finally emails her change of plans to Paul via facebook because she has no way to contact anyone. She still hears nothing back.

This is a true story. I was Jane in this situation, but I am quite sure I have also been Paul at times.  The interesting thing was I was so ready to buy – I just did not have the right support.

Looking at your business from your clients perspective is essential to success. Whether it is walling through the front door to make sure it looks inviting or if it is to ‘walk though’ one of your processes to make sure you are making sure your client is supported the best way possible.



First contact – how do you connect with your clients initially? 90% of people never follow up on the “let’s get together” conversation. If you say it – do it.

The marketing process – are you helping your perfect clients purchase from you? What is your ‘keep in touch strategy’ with your potential clients?

Data base – how do you keep in touch with those clients who have already worked with you? Do you have a system in place?

Interaction -What is the culture of care of your brand and do you make sure that is understood by all your staff (including virtual staff) and experienced by your clients? If your brand is the Soup Nazi then carry it through. We all know the Seinfield episode to reference! If your brand is nurturing or top quality service again think it through and carry it out in all customer interactions.

Welcome feedback – Do you welcome feedback? The complaining customer can be GOLD! If they fit your perfect client mold listen and consider how you could support them better. If they are not your perfect client then think about how you can market more clearly so you don’t have to work with those that are not!

Customer Service policies are not a one off process, offering your clients great service needs constant review and upgrade. It can easily slip especially when you are busy. New windows of opportunity for better service can arise without noticing.

TIP  One great trick is to take a pad of sticky notes and write each connection with your customer on a note, then stick them in a row, rearranging and adding steps until you cannot see a gap in service.

Then write it down as a procedure. And review it. Regularly. Especially if a clients offers you some criticism.

Had Paul understood the model we use in the Marketing with Heart Program he would have had strategies in place to guide Jane until she purchased the offer she originally wanted. Without a strategy Jane purchased elsewhere despite her very strong interest.

To find out more about this tip – or if you would like an article on the 7 Steps to guide your prospective clients to purchase please email me at create@gaylandeta.com.au


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