At the end of 2016 I was challenged to come up with some words to describe 2016 and what I wanted 2017 to be. I chose ‘Joyously Amazed’ for 2017 and 2017 certainly did that – mostly happily. I also found that continuing to align to those words throughout the year mostly reflected the reality I was living. Nice and simple intention setting!

My word for 2018 came towards the end of the year. ‘Contented’ … I wondered where that would take me …. At the end of that year I could see, I found more equanimity, more contentment, more acceptance and overall a more peaceful way of being despite some very challenging times. Things came to me and I made choices that aligned with that word. And once I discovered the Best Self Journal (and became a fangirl! See this blog I wrote in 2018) I reflected on what it actually meant every day as I wrote it down as my overall intention for the day.

This time last year I wondered if a word would arrive for 2019 … and it did …. ‘Consolidation’. And as I reflected I thought that sounded a lovely idea for the next 12 months. The last 3 years have been huge with the tree change to Tenterfield, moving the clinic to join the beautiful Kirsty Eng at Herston and taking Marketing with Heart online and transforming it into the Confident Practitioner Formula, working with practitioners nationwide, let alone being a grandmother and mother and daughter… (all that joyous amazement!)

Now — at the end of 2019 I can understand the journey that ‘consolidation’ took me on. It was different than I expected but wonderfully took me deeper into what is most important to me. And again writing it down each day in my Best Self Journal (still a fangirl!) has allowed me to re-connect to my intention in many different ways during the year. 

I recently did the same exercise and my 2020 word has emerged. Nurture. I like that. 🙂 Nurture me, nurture my clients, nurture my life and all that I love. Nice. I will enjoy writing that down each day! 

So now, with the end of the year coming up I challenge you to do that same exercise to set up your own 2020. Take a few minutes to centre yourself and gather up some words to describe 2019. No judgment – just see what comes up. Then allow the word or phrase you want to align to for 2020 to rise up together with some other descriptive words of positive intention. Make sure they are positive – be careful what you wish for! I added ‘joyously’ to ‘amazed’ in 2017 just to be clear that I wanted happy amazement please if at all possible!!!

Then pop it somewhere you can see. Add them into your 2020 diary for a daily or monthly reminder or add it to a bigger vision board you can see every day. Or both. And then wait for the magic to happen.

Have fun! I would love to see what emerges for you!

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