This is part 3 in the series Create a Successful Business which explores the 5 foundations we dig deeply into with the Marketing with Heart Program, either On-line or in person.

This article focuses on your marketing language, getting this right is essential to getting more clients. So grab your pen and paper and read on….

Once you have developed your Guiding Starwhich is the first of the 5 foundations you need for a long term successful business you will begin to have the clarity you need to define your branding and refine your offer.  (You can follow this link to part 1 if you need some help developing your vision.)

Moving onto your second foundation, Your Offer, is the heart of what you do and Your Branding which is how others perceive you. You may not have reflected too deeply on this in the past, especially if your business has evolved from a passion. You may simply be offering your services the way you think you should. However by brainstorming this topic you might be surprised by how it helps both your clients and your business – you can follow this link to find out more.

Next it is time to think about your niche – who you serve and how you can speak directly to them.  This is where you need to learn the game of marketing – how to share what you do in a way that your perfect clients can understand. You have already identified your perfect clients, you know how they think – so have a look at your exisiting materials from their perspective and see if your materials actually speak to them.

Usually we just talk at our potential clients – not engage them in a conversation that they care about. You know, “I do this and this and I can achieve all of this and this for you.” That may be all very well but are they actually looking for ALL of that? Or are they simply looking for someone who can solve their problem? Even if they are looking for the modality or service that you offer, you will still need to educate them about why you are actually the perfect person for them through your USP.

Your USP (Unique Selling Point) clearly shows who you are and why you are perfect for your perfect clients. These are your unique qualities, usually 2 or 3, that ensure you stand out from the crowd.

This is something to take the time to get clear about, but even if you are a new practitioner there will still be 2 or 3 qualities that define the way you work. This may include things like education, interest, experience, wisdom, even the area you work in or the hours you are available. Ask people you know or existing happy clients and find out why they like working with you. And then don’t be shy about sharing it. Discerning your USP is the golden nugget you need to share in all your marketing.

Always speak to your potential perfect client about their problem, let them know how you can help them with that. Stay focused on the solutions you offer rather than educating them about what you do. Practitioners, especially, get carried away with educating their potential clients about what their modality can achieve for their clients. This is because many practitioners have had amazing results with their modality and want to convince everyone that it is the answer. Don’t fall into that trap! They are not yet ready to be sold on your skills.

In reality we need to wait until our potential client is interested in who we are and the solutions we offer BEFORE educating them about how we get those results. They may not actually even be looking for what we do, but if we have the solution they are looking for they may well give us a try. Telling them too much too early about the details of your work may put them off coming to see you. Focus on them.

Finally, when you share about yourself, share the person they will be working with, rather than just a listing all your credentials. Don’t get me wrong, excellent training and experience is essential (and may form the crux of your USP) but listing it in the expectation that it is enough can just feel too clinical and impersonal.

Help people feel connected to you through your marketing materials. If you have put part 1 and 2 of this series into place they will already see you as a professional. Share the outcomes you get for your clients – this is the person they will be working with – in your materials and then just add the list of credentials at the end of your bio to reinforce all you have already put into place.

Next time we will look more about reaching your perfect clients, in the meantime if you want to find out more about my program or working with me register for my free on-line class . Marketing ourselves is a difficult thing to do and a successful approach is often a very strange process. I can help you not only learn how to do it but how to do it effortlessly so you can reach more of your perfect clients and create more abundance in your life.

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