Key considerations for getting your practice up and running …..

Today I wanted to share a concept that is non-negotiable for practitioners, therapists or those who are selling their services and/or support (as opposed to selling a commodity such as computers or shoes or xyz widgets).

It starts with our mindset. We need to have a really clear mindset to create a successful practice. We need to believe in ourself, believe in the service that we’re sharing and believe that we can really get great results for people.

Then there is our energy and that energy needs to be aligned with that positive mindset. If our energy isn’t aligned then the messages that we give out about our services will become less clear and more diffuse so they will not be as easy to understand.

However once we have certainty in our mindset that is aligned with our energy a clarity emerges – and that is what leads to great marketing because our marketing language grows from our mindset. It grows out of our own understanding of what it is that we do for our clients. How it is that we help them. And when it is positive and unshakeable then our marketing (and our results) reflect that.

Finally, we need to have good strategies in place, ones that we have tested and know that will give us the results we need. These are ways that we get clients, ways to keep in touch with clients and ways to follow up.

Finally, the thing that holds everything together is consistency. And that is where we often fall down. We become inconsistent with our message. Or there’s some inconsistency with our energy. Or inconsistency in our mindset. And that sabotages our progress so far.

So my question today is how consistent are you?

How consistent are you day to day, week to week?

Have you managed to find that perfect mix of being able to consistently keep showing up, turning up, doing what needs to be done. Seeing your clients, keeping your energy system strong and healthy as well as your physical self. What does that look like?

If you’ve never sat down and thought about it, it’s a really important thing to take time to do. Just sit down and start to map that out. This way you have a plan in place of how you maintain your consistency day after day, week after week. That means, for example, when you choose to take a holiday, you choose to take a holiday. It is a planned consistent action and doesn’t appear to come from a place of ‘i can’t do it anymore – I need a holiday’.

So that’s what I would invite you to do today. Spend some time to map out a consistent plan of action that supports your energy, feeds your positive mindset and helps you continue to share your brilliant work and create a practice you love.

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