christmas crowd shoppingLike most people, I have found myself standing amongst the blur of end of year preparations thinking “Already?”. What a year it has been, working with many clients I have seen a distinct trend in experiences as well. This has been a year of learning, growing and letting go. So what do those three words mean at this time of year… when Christmas Carols are on repeat in all shopping centres, endless advertisements for material gifts are projected in all directions, and the general energy about town is “Ho, Ho, Ho… buy, buy, buy”.

Spend a moment to think about it. What did you learn this year? How did I grow? and What did I left go of? It might be as simple as I learnt how to knit (although, from my knitting attempts it’s not that simple), or it might be as big as I learnt how to say ‘no’. Whatever it is, recognise it. Be proud of it. Honour it.

The same goes with how you grew and what you let go of. Recognise it, be proud of it, honour it! 

In all the hustle of Christmas, often we get swept up and away from the significance the end of the year presents. The closing of another chapter, a time to reflect, learn and of course… ‘celebrate’. Celebrating the love of family and friends is a beautiful aspect of this time of year, as is celebrating all that has come to pass in the last 12 months. So celebrate, be merry and honour you and your development in the process.

Have fun and Create the Life You Want to Live….

This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you want to Live. Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved.