We just entered Capricorn, December 21st to January 20th which coincides with Solstice as well as many religious-based (and fun!) holidays. So what is Capricorn’s journey all about? And how can we all step up into our bigger better self during this time?

Capricorns love a good mountain climb. And they do it well. They love scaling the mountain, completing the challenges and stepping up and up… From a personality level they can be quite materialistic and their natural aptitude for leadership and power, their abundant mental and physical energy and their ability to manifest ideas can lead them to much success.

The challenge (of course there is!) for the Capricorn soul is to learn how to step away from the seriousness of life. Let go of judgements (most harshly of themselves), their love of power and their high expectations of themselves and others. Learning to embrace the Inner Child and play with life is a step towards freedom for this soul.Capricorn Mountains

And before you point a judgy finger at your Capricorn friend have a look back at yourself – we all have Capricorn in our chart! And right now Capricorn has an extra weight astrologically-wise in the world. So perhaps, as you review the year that was and consider the year that is to come, consider where you might let go of your preconceptions, be a little less serious and a little more playful in life.

Capricorn is also called the sign of Initiation in the Esoteric tradition. The soul inspired Capricorn leaves behind the calculating and materialistic drives and instead chooses to serve a higher calling, using their natural aptitude to become organised, intelligent and powerful leaders able to manifest ideas into reality, respected for their fairness and wisdom.

The overall goal of the Soul in Capricorn is to express the Will To Good. Right now the planetary energy is shifting us away from the old Capricorn energy. Not only are we in the sign of Capricorn, but Saturn (Capricorns ruler), has been significantly affecting many of us, calling us to step up but into a new way of being. Something to reflect on during this holiday break.

Wishing you a magical time! 


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