Here we are in Cancer season (21 June – 22 July ish) and this year is a doozy as it coincides with several other transits that together can initiate a deep re-patterning if you let it. These energies that Cancer bring apply to each of us, as we all have this energy somewhere in our chart.

The Zodiac sign of Cancer is one of the 4 cardinal signs – each of these signs initiate a turning point in the year (Solstices and Equinoxes) and these natives are also the initiators, the movers and shakers of humanity. This means that those born under any of these 4 signs can be quite driven and stop at nothing to get to where they want to be. They are not usually great team players and can be a little self focused in their own direction – but they are totally entitled to be for the powerful energies for change they bring in.

Those born under (or with a strong influence) of Cancer itself are intelligent, home loving, compassionate and loving people. Cancer is a water sign and governed by the moon, so the emotions are close to the surface. Arguably the most pessimistic of all the signs this together with all the watery emotions can make life quite difficult for these people at times. They are not by nature overly self confident and this combined with their tendency to overthink means that once they get into a negative spiral they can can get lost in their own pain.

Lightbringers However this wateriness and the emotions are their great teachers – the soul journey of Cancer is to develop the intellect and purify the emotional body so it no longer is the harbour of negative emotions. They can then become free from the world of illusion and be a prism for the light and love of the soul. The light bringers of humanity.

Regardless of whether we are celebrating a birthday during Cancer this energy affects us all. The negative aspect of isolation and avoidance plays deep within everyone at some time or other and our challenge is to overcome this dark ‘Golom’ self and step up and into the light.

This year is extra special. While every Solstice offers the opportunity for change this one is especially powerful because of the Gemini Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde we have just travelled through. These have offered us a doorway to fundamental change if we have been listening. Now is a significant time to celebrate the learning’s that the last few weeks have shared and, importantly, initiate the changes that must happen to integrate that learning.

If you are having some trouble seeing what your learning has been look back to the end of November to mid January ish … what was going on? What were your plans for this year, what did you think you needed to let go of? What was driving you nuts? All of this will give you clues – is there anything there that needs grounding or action?

You can also just start to write – think about that time or what is going on at the moment … start to  write whatever comes to mind. There may be an insight into an old behaviour or way of being that needs to go. How can you initiate that change?


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