…. We need all the help we can get to build a successful and sustaining business….. 

In Transformational Kinesiology we identify 7 patterns as major hindrances on our journey to spritual enlightenment. I find, as having a business is such a huge step in personal development, each of these patterns often correlate directly to the (lack of) growth and success we may be experiencing.

As such I think they are an essential lens to refect on how we operate our business. Identifying and making the commitment to break these patterns can open up opportunites you may not believe ever possible….

Dweller on the Threshold:

If this is your pattern you will be feeling stuck and trapped by circumstances beyond your control. (Ever wonder why some businesses thrived in the GFC and others didn’t?) This pattern creates a mindset of being prevented from moving forward by outside circumstances with everything feeling impossible.
It may be that another pattern is also involved, however busting out of this by committing to the big vision of your business and the journey needed to create it, opens the space for major change and synchronicity to emerge.


This pattern keeps you caught in an illusion of what and where your business is, instead of seeing reality. You will be lost in fooling yourself, taking action without really knowing what you are doing and just doing instead of using your powers of discernment. You will get enmeshed in ideas, opinions and information without really seeing the reality of the situation, let alone dealing with it.
To break this pattern you need to get clear about what you want and then honest about where you are – and then make choices based on the truth of what is going on instead of hiding within the illusion. This takes bravery – but breaking out of our illusions are a major step forward to success.

Uncertainty (fear) :

Many business owners feel uncertain. Even in the most bouyant of markets there are uncertain times, however when you are caught in a pattern of uncertainty, fear becomes the ruler of your business, instead of you. Everything feels risky.
Your job is to step up and take responsibility. Dare to see reality and have the courage to use your inner senses. Then, once you are listening deeply, identify the old limiting patterns (such as reacting instead of responding to situations or a lack of decision) and take action to change them!


If this is your pattern you will be caught in doing, doing, doing or procrastinating endlessly and getting nowhere. Nothing ever really changes.
You must identify the absolute essentials to do and then just do them. Same as in our personal life, we can do them with much moaning and groaning or simply with goodwill.


In this pattern you will get caught up in your beliefs about your business instead of daring to see the truth. You will be completely certain about those beliefs and not open to anything outside your paradigm. You can justify doing or not doing anything that doesn’t fit your view. The classic of this one is that we convince outselves that we are doing everything we can while we miss opportunities staring us in the face…
The way out is to be open and not listen to the little lies you might be telling yourself. Investigate new concepts and discern if they are right for you instead of knee-jerking a ‘not for my business’ attitude.


In this pattern you become so besotted with the beutiful picture of your business and what you do that you become disconnected from others, and ultimately reality. You can miss out on opportunities and connections because you are so centered on your own business.
The way out of this pattern is to develop altruistic thinking and a service mentality so you can enjoy allowing others to go first and succceed. You can experience the reality that we can fit into the world and that there is a perfect space for you, you don’t have to do or be it all.


This is a really tricky one because you don’t know what you don’t know! If you are struggling then you are likely missing something but because you don’t know, you don’t know where to find the answers….
The answer is to firstly open up to your Inner Wisdom and listen and respond to the quiet whispers of the heart; you will be guided to the answer. 

You may fnd you have one or several of these patterns, but by conciously identifying and working with breaking them you will make the changes you need to breakthrough to success!

Part of my work is helping practioners, consultants and heart centred consultants to find and break these patterns so they can create a practice they love to own.

If that sounds like you have a look at my free class  for more ideas on how to get more clients and make more money while rremaininng true to yourself.

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