Gay Landeta

More about change ….

There is lots of energy around for major personal transformation at present. If you are trying to work with this enUnknownergy but it isn’t working try using this process to check into what might be missing.

Step one : Stop and think what action you need to take. Is there something that you are not doing? If so write it down and take action on that. If you are already doing everything you can then you can tick this box!

Step two : Next, think about your thoughts, are you thinking positively about the changes you are trying to make? Are your thoughts and feelings in alignment with the ‘new you’ ‘new action’ that you are in the process of creating? If you are then again tick this box.

If you aren’t – or if you want to check in with your deeper consciousness – sit down and write your thoughts and feelings out – do a mind dump – this will give you a good perspective on how supportive (or not) your mind is of the changes you are wanting to make.

Making the switch …. Once you have the statements on paper take time to write the corresponding opposite of both the positive and negative thoughts around the changes you want to make (some classic examples include “I am a smoker vs I am a non-smoker”, “I have to be in charge vs I can let go of being in control”, “I am fed up with my life vs I love my life”, even “I can’t change vs I can change”). 

Then … Check in with yourself to make sure you feel aligned with the positive statements, that they feel not only possible but full of potential. If you do, then your thoughts are positive and in alignment with your new choices – give yourself another tick! (If you don’t, those sneaky little negative beliefs will continue to control your process of change. Time to call in the professionals!)

Step three : Finally, once you have the first two steps in place it is time to be prepared to deal with the inevitable feelings that arise during the change process.

To prepare for them write out a list of the things that help you get over uncomfortable feelings. Deep breathing, meditation, creativity, Rescue Remedy, watching junk TV, whatever works for you.

Once you have your list (BTW, this is a really useful thing to have for any of those blah days that we all experience from time to time) put your new goals and intentions into action. As you work with the energy of what you want to create take the time to notice how you feel.

Letting go of the old and moving into the new ….. There will be feelings that arise, hopefully joy and a sense of achievement but also, very likely you will feel anything from vaguely uncomfortable to actively angry, frustrated or ??? as you grow into your new self.

Recognise these are simply the emotional impact of change – and quite possibly feelings you have been avoiding – in short, part of why you have not yet made the change. Use your list to calm yourself or just sit with them and allow them to be. They will pass as the new you emerges.

Important! To cement in your changes you must remember to keep taking positive action and practice thinking and feeling in new and positive ways while continuing to notice and process what you are feeling.

If this is not working for you – perhaps the feelings are too strong or you cannot align with your positive intention then have a chat with a professional. Speaking to someone outside our circle – ie an impartial onlooker – can give us the aha moment that is sometimes essential to get us out of our comfort zone and into change.

I do love helping people shift into their new you so feel free to contact me for more info!


This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you Want to Live! All rights reserved 2013.