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Booster of the Month – Create your Fix-em-up List!


 March 17th, 2011

Really useful —- get it ready for those bad days!

Create your fix-em-up list.

Everyone has bad days and everyone has a storehouse of tools that helps them to get out of the doldrums. Mine include everything from meditation, yoga and Brain Gym® to crappy TV or seeing what my nieces are up to on Facebook. Trouble is we usually forget them when we need them.

While the best thing to do is to sit with what is going on, feel your way through it, truly experience it and then let it go all too often we get caught up in the story of what has happened. We reinforce the pain and end up connecting it to our life suffering!

This is your chance to change that pattern. Create a list of everything that you do (worthy or not) that helps you shift gears from feeling out of sorts to feeling OK about life, or at least able to cope! Then resolve to experiment with changing gears. I certainly don’t advocate not feeling or going through a process, however it is not necessary to always get stuck in the mire!

This page is also very likely to remain a work in progress your whole life!

Enjoy it and have a great month!


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