Many people mistakenly think meditation is about stopping thoughts.

Trying to stop thoughts is a little like trying to stop breathing. It is the brains job to think and think it does. If you watch it  and see it for what it is, a stream of consciousness, it becomes apparent how it just rabbits on, hopping from idea to idea….  Write the booster… oh it’s raining… What will I have for lunch… do I have to go out … Green trees and grass… Heaters nice…. Miss having a dog… etc

Seeing the gap between the thoughts , words and ideas is a lovely way to see through the minds busyness and find the peace behind.

Focus your attention on the gaps between the thoughts, the pauses in the concepts, the empty blue black space between and behind the images.

When I do this I find time slows, peace descends and I am less attached to outcomes.

Practiced often it becomes a wonderful tool in times of stress.

Start by doing it for a few seconds at a time and build it up. You may like to make this a regular time of meditation or just find space during the day. However you do it I trust you will find a greater sense of spaciousness in your life.

Enjoy it and have a great month!


This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you Want to Live! All rights reserved 2011.