Gay Landeta

Overcoming Fears (This is part two of an article on fear. (part one, anxiety and fear, looking at primal fear and the adrenals, here … )

Primal fear is triggered by danger, real or perceived as reality through a story of the mind. But what about the terror many experience in stepping into their own light? This is much more a psychological fear, however it often feels just primal as seeing a snake cross the path!

fear of failure Paradoxically, from an energetic or spiritual point of view NOT being all we can be – not accepting those opportunities to shine – is not only limiting us but actually puts out our fire, the fullness and expression of who we really are. In fact old texts say that not expressing that fire leads to ‘crystalised hindrances’ in our nervous system (and doesn’t it feel like that when we are not doing what we know we can?!!) and can lead to chronic depression or even physical health challenges.

Therefore our innate expression, our creativity and service to others, must be shared. In our commercialised world we often think that means it needs to be a source of income or a source of recognition in the outer world. That may or may not be, however it will be, regardless of its commercial applications, our own light shining creating a sense of peace and satisfaction within and leading us to health, happiness and wellness regardless of our circumstances. 

So how can we step up and overcome this fear of failure that creates such a primal reaction? The first step is self awareness, noticing the difference between primal fear and the fear of stepping up. Primal fear can be quietened by managing our thoughts, caring for our emotions and our adrenals and physical well-being. The fear of being all we can be can only really be calmed by coming from our heart, our authentic True Self has no fear. It transcends the ego fears. anxiety and fear

It is almost impossible to move into the heart when the ego’s fears have been triggered. We need to practice staying centred regularly so we can easily and quickly slip back into our integrated, whole self when we are challenged. Practices such as meditation or mindful moments can be very helpful. PACE from Brain Gym is an excellent 5 minute quick fix and done daily changes the way the brain works, developing more integration. You can watch a video of it here if you haven’t come across it yet.

Another way to manage our triggers is to manage the ego. Overcoming fears and letting go of the expectation that there will be wealth or status through whatever the personal expression or creativity is – whether it is public speaking, healing, art, music, writing, etc – if it is meant to create wealth it will, it cannot help but do that as you follow your inner muse. If it is meant to be a personal journey or just a gift for a select few (who knows who you might inspire with it) then that is what it is and as valuable a journey as any other. 

Of course you must be responsible about it – if you aren’t sharing your gifts because you are afraid to get your work out or to be seen then that is the ego limiting you. You may also have a lack of skills to get it out there or to express yourself publicly. Take some time to quiet the ego and learn the skills you need to become visible.

Of course a session can help, but developing your own mindfulness practices will help to change your brain so it will react less to that perceived snake rustling on the path. So find a psychological fearway to meditate, whether traditional sitting or going for a run, get into yoga, qi gong or tai chi. Give Brain Gym a go, practice deep breathing or find other strategies that calm you – that will train your brain and build your resilience so you can find your centre more quickly when that primal fear gets triggered.

This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you Want to Live! All rights reserved 2015.