Gay Landeta

transform thru kinesiology I received this lovely testimonial today. In it Jen called me a ‘kind leader’. It has evoked many thoughts, some of which are the old stories about ‘who me’ or ‘awww shucks’ … but from a quieter place I know that, at least at work, it is absolutely what I intend to be for all my clients, business or personal. For me, being a leader is invoking the leader in others, that place deep within all of us that does know how to step up. Sometimes it needs to be summoned from a very deep and lost place, but watching it emerge and supporting clients to embrace their own knowing is pure joy.

So Jen, I am not even sure if that is what you meant 🙂 but thank you for that reflection, it has taken my commitment to my own inner leadership and supporting others in developing theirs to a deeper level.


Marketing with Heart.

I did some Business positioning and marketing processes with Gay Landeta,
It really did feel like marketing with heart.
Her process is clear and systematic but the implementation is tailor made and delightfully spontaneous.
She had a way of speaking to me, so I could define what it is I am doing and how to do it.

I absolutely recommend her as a go-to for any practitioner that can’t get out to their own way
or who feels overwhelmed about their message and how to send it.
If I could describe her in two words off the top of my head it would be “kind Leader”.
Thanks Gay, I look forward to some Laser Mentoring along the way.
Kinesiology rocks, Kinesiologist business mentor – even better!
Jen Cudmore Kinesiology