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Use the moon phases to help you focus the energy of expansion and letting go that 2016 brings as it journeys through its number nine year (2+0+1+6=9). Being in a 9 year means that the planet is completing a cycle of growth. This is affecting us all and is magnified if you, too, are in a personal nine year.

To find what year cycle you are in, add your day of birth (e.g. 2+5) to your month of birth (e.g. 1+1) to the year (2+0+1+6). This needs to be reduced to a single digit so then add any double digits together (e.g. 1+8). This will show you what your personal cycle is for 2016.

This same magnification of the 9 energy will be part of your 2016 experience if you are born in the ninth month or on the 9th day. If this is you, take time to notice completions this year as they may help you open to your next cycle of growth. Even if this is not you, you can still work with the energy of the year by taking time to focus on expansion and letting go using the cycles of the moon.

Using the moon to focus your energy…

New moons herald new cycles, they open the way for new opportunities and the ability to manifest our deep desires. Use these times to make plans and intentions for your next cycle. Human beings have loved rituals since time immemorial, you can create your own special time to reconnect each month with your hearts desires with New Moon Wishing. Gather writing materials, candles, music and inspiring fragrances or incense to create a special time for yourself each month. The writing element is important, somehow dreams taken out of our head and committed to paper are much more powerful. And 10 is a good number – although if you are a nine person you might like to use that! : )

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Full moons, on the other hand, offer the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves – what is in the way of manifesting what we truly want. You can use these times to reflect on what you need to let go of to take a step closer to your hearts desire. It may be internal processes such as thoughts, habits or behaviours, or external situations or individuals … if you are feeling stuck the full moon may be a good time to feel into what may be holding you back and make the choice to let it go. You can ritualise this through meditation or writing, and commit to change by destroying the piece of paper and actually take the step you must to help you let go and create what you want in your life.

There are heaps of apps around that automatically update you on the phases of the moon or google moon phases to find a simple calendar like thisMake the commitment to change by making a date with yourself to work with the natural cycles of the moon and see what happens. And always follow up on your commitment with action to demonstrate, if only to yourself, that you are determined to make this happen.

Love to hear your thoughts on this and if you are having any trouble making things happen feel free to get in touch!

Happy moon watching. : )

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