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I thought I would post a few case studies so readers can get a bit more of an idea of how I work…. ‘Jo’, a long time client (her story and testimonial below) instigated this! She keeps calling me the ‘Forensic Kinesiologist’ (which cracks me up!) but she says she cannot think of another way to describe my dedication to putting it all together and leaving no stone unturned. Which is true. I love finding all the bits and helping my clients be free! anyway, she keeps asking me to write up case studies and was happy to go first.

I hope you enjoy reading the journeys’ and get a little inspired about your own potential!

‘Jo’ arrived feeling she had lost her path. Despite being an authority at work and normally skilled at healing herself, she was exhausted, her expertise was taken for granted but not acknowledged and she felt bullied at work. During our initial exploration the impact of the victim/rescuer roles became apparent.  These are associated with the Atlantean Miasm which, once we achieve a certain stage of personal development, block our growth.

In our first session we cleared her birth time. She was a post war baby, born while her parents were in a camp in a foreign country. Clearing her birth time enabled her to start to realign with her purpose.  Jo arrived at her second session feeling stronger. She was standing up for herself and work was now recognizing her abilities. She still felt a bit stuck and scared, particularly in her creative expression or when she was called to give a presentation. This block related back to her early childhood use of a local dialect which few people could understand. Her point of growth was to be confident in her expression, particularly use of language. She exuded that confidence next visit and was ready to step out. We discerned that, to follow her path, Jo needed to be more open to learn. We cleared old links with her mother and she let go of conflict, reigniting her appreciation of beauty in all forms. Her life opened up in ways she could not imagine.

Recently Jo returned for a top up, it was time to take this strength to a deeper level and stand up for what she believed in, especially to close family members (her main challenge). We discerned she needed to reclaim her individual identity, a deeper aspect of the Atlantean Miasm. In her follow-up Jo reported she had created new healthier relationships and was more focused on her life goals and creativite pursuits, having reclaimed her own life. We then re-established her connection to Love and Wisdom, one of the three primordial Rays that influence us, Jo now feels confident and open to whatever the universe offers her!

Thank you Gay for your wonderful Kinesiology skills.  Each time that I have seen you, to clear issues or to  get  past  a significant problem, I have been awe struck  (and grateful), by your ability to get to the root cause of the problem, be it a belief , emotion, or cellular memory.  Changes are always felt after the session (like a new found clarity and weight off ones shoulders). The changes  continue over the days and weeks after the sessions until the issue is no longer an issue in various situations ie  I have found that the cleared issues are long lasting. I also appreciate your warm open and non judgmental professional manner and your ability to catch the inner saboteur. I often recommend you to others – be it a physical or learning problem or a spiritual quest. Feb 2014