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Goals – How important are they?


If you are having trouble feeling on Purpose and in alignment with with your Mission in life you may be missing a clear vision of what you actually want. Pretty common stuff and very frustrating! Below you can find a old article I wrote to help clients clarify how they would like their lives to look. I got some great response from clients that honesty went through this process. I hope it can help you too!

Once you have your vision your goals will naturally begin to emerge – and as you step toward those goals the ones that aren’t quite in line with your path will change, transforming your vision and helping you to align more and more with your unique path. I have also included a Body Booster Tip : Belly Breathing – a Brain Gym*r movement that deepens and slows our breathing – essential to staying centered, in the present and aligned with our True Purpose. 

Warmest Regards, Gay

GOALS- Are You On Purpose?

 By Gay Landeta

Goals – how many times have your heard about the importance of setting your goals? Do you have clear goals? Do you write them down and make sure they fit in with who you really are, your values and ideals? Do they offer a contribution to the world?

Or do you waft and change – unsure what you want, whether your goals are in line with who you truly are or even if you really care!

There are many different types of goals, some are personal and about getting something you really want, some are focused on a bigger picture, creating something for others; all will impact the world in some way. And all are part of the bigger picture of why you are here.

So, do you know why you are here?

If you are like many people this question is a source of frustration; often that empty, frustrated feeling of a life unfulfilled starts us on a search for something that we believe will solve everything. In fact we have everything we need right here and now. And often miss seeing it!

For example I had a client recently who was in a very lost place, she felt unfulfilled and that her talents were not only not being utilised but they were not even being recognised. She felt trapped by her earlier decisions and unable to make changes – or even know what changes to make! In the process of our work together we did the visioning exercise (below). She identified what needed change and started to make goals, both conscious and unconscious and her life started to align more and more to her vision. Some goals crashed and burned, they were not right for her, and some fell into place with elegant synchronicity. She found within a very short length of time she felt on track and clear about what she wanted – and at peace with where she was. In that place her mission became clear. She actually had known it all along but had not recognised it for the truth it held.

To do the vision exercise all you need a piece of paper (at least A4) and a pencil. First, make sure you are relaxed and centred and have some time without distractions. Belly Breathing (below Body Booster Tip) is a quick and easy tool to help you to relax in the moment.

Draw a circle in the middle of the paper, about the size of your palm, then divide the whole sheet up into sections by drawing a line horizontally through the middle of the sheet from side to side; vertically straight down the middle and diagonally from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner and vice and versa.

You should now have a piece of paper with a pie shape in the middle with the spokes radiation out to the edges of the paper. You should have 8 sections. Next label each section with important areas of your life, for example Career, Home and Family, Relationships, Finances, Spiritual, Physical Health and Wellbeing, Creativity, Physical Environment.

Choose labels that define different aspects of your life that are important to you.

Now consider each segment of your wheel and how fulfilled you feel in that area. Colour in that section in a way that corresponds to your sense of fulfillment. Some areas may be vibrantly filled to the brim, others may have barely any part filled in at all. Some may be filled in fully, but by being so full deplete other areas. Anything is fine at this stage. You will end up with a pie that is showing you what your life looks like now.

Next, moving from section to section, brainstorm words and ideas that would help to positively fill that segment of the pie up. You are now creating a picture of what you want in your life, take another sheet or two of paper and expand each section out into a vision of how you would like your life to look in a few years time if all those ideas and dreams came into reality.

Notice how much of that vision you already have and spend some time in gratitude for all that you have.

Choose three small things to do this month and then just let it go.

Review your progress each month, choose a few more things to do, allow yourself to shift and change and be in the flow of Creating the Life you Want to Live.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan of course, but if you don’t have a plan you have nowhere to go!

Enjoy the Process!



Notice how relaxed and centred you are feeling. Are you at ease with yourself and your environment? Are you holding tension anywhere in your body? Are you breathing easily or is your breathing short and shallow? Take a few moments to check in before and after doing the Booster – noticing the positive effects of anything we do means we are more likely to do it again another time when we really need it.

Cradle your belly gently with both hands, take a big breath in and let it go with short bursts, as if you are trying to hold a feather up in the air with your breath. This wakes up the diaphragm and helps us breath more deeply. Then take two or more deep breaths feeling your belly expanding in your hands as you breath in and contract as you breath out. Focus on the gentle in and out of your breath. Continue until you feel centred and are breathing easily and naturally with your full breath. Do this often, train your body to breath easily and fully and notice how much more relaxed life is. The sabre tooth tiger is not longer at the door!

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