It’s important to plan how you are going to market yourself when you are returning to your clinic, especially now, with Covid on everyone’s mind.

Hi, Gay Landeta here. I just wanted to talk a little bit about going back to work if your practice has been temporarily closed.

Many associations are beginning to say that we can go back to work now, or perhaps you decided not to close at all, but you have been a bit quieter than you like and you would like to bring more clients to your practice.

It’s really important at times like this – when there’s an acute problem that everybody’s experiencing – to address the specifics of what your clients are going through.

It’s often hard as a practitioner though, to be specific. That is because our services often suit a wide range of people who we can help in a broad and holistic way.  The trouble is, marketing is all being specific, specific, specific. Hard.

Especially at the moment, people’s minds are very much focused on what they’re experiencing through the isolation, through having the kids at home, because of their fears and anxieties about the future, about their immune system, etc, etc. They have very, very specific concerns at the moment.

So, what you’re going to need to do when you’re inviting people to come back to the clinic, is to address their specific concerns. This is important – you need to be relevant.

For example, if you work a lot with people who have children, it might be the stress that they are experiencing homeschooling or, it might be for the kids themselves, to help with their anxiety or their ability to learn at home.

Or for example, if you’re working from a health perspective, you will need to talk more about the immune system instead of just overall wellness because keeping that immune system nice and strong is what people are worried about, they know they need to keep their immune system strong so they don’t get sick.

And anxiety is of course very strong at the moment as well as fear. So what you need to do is to start thinking about what your client is really worried about, very specifically. When they wake up at night, what’s their fear? When they flat line what do they worry about? They might be the kind of people who cope really well (or maybe you have given them all sorts of fabulous coping strategies) but when they aren’t, what do they need? What can you help them with?

The best way to do this is to sit down and brainstorm. So rather than starting to write out marketing or write out SM posts to get clients back into the clinic, brainstorm first, get all those problems that they’re experiencing right now and the solutions that you specifically can give them on paper so you can address that in your marketing.

Think about what might be different for them right now, because you may not be the automatic answer that they are looking for right now, even if they’re absolute fans of yours. Right now there’s lots of free stuff on the net or they may have tried somebody else, some other practitioner. There are all sorts of things that could be going on that you do not know about.

So to address that and get really specific about what it is that you can help them with and how you can do that right now.

And then once you have that, just go out and test it. You can test it on social media, you can test it in Facebook groups, on zoom, whenever you see people. Test it and see.

What you’re looking for is the language that makes people go, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.” So rather than “I will do that and I’ll get around to that,” you want them to say, “That’s what I need right now.” Keep playing with it – it doesn’t need to be perfect – but it does need to hit that spot to get the results you really want.

Have fun and enjoy getting back to your clinic!

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