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Choose heartfelt marketing strategies that work for you. Step 4.

Quick recap : In step 1 you explored your perfect client, their problems and what you have to offer.

This forms the foundation the way you market yourself.
In step 2, you started to think about your tactics, what is working and what is not, including:
1. Online – website and web presence
2. Social Media
3. Referral and Word of Mouth
4. Keep in touch strategies
5. Advertising
6. PR – publicity for your brand, service, etc
7. Develop strategic alliances and joint ventures
8. Write articles and get published
9. Special events (like tradeshows, etc)
10. Networking, industry connections, conferences
11. Direct outreach, mail, phone or in person
12. Speaking, presenting and workshops

In step 3 your action plan was to develop the foundation of a solid marketing plan. You started generating ideas on how to connect to your perfect clients, how to offer information about yourself and how to keep in touch with them.

This time, Step 4, we start to explore the way you can use the various marketing tactics to suit you and your work to get new clients.

Getting new clients is not about selling prospective clients on what you do. It is about them seeing you, getting comfortable with you and then recognising and understanding what you can do for them.

How to become visible? And where to start?

What do you like to do? Do you love meeting people? Start networking. Connect with people NOT with the intention of getting business but with the intention of building relationships. Connect with a few at a time and keep in touch. Be interested in them first, that will help you to see if they might be one of your perfect clients or might become a fan.

What if you hate meeting people? What about working online? Create a website where people can find you. Make sure it offers enough information about you and your service to answer your potential clients questions and then develop a way to send people to your site. Include a blog or ezine to help people stay connected to learn more about you and your work.

Social media is a very popular strategy these days and suits many people. Engage with Facebook and Linked-in. Google+ , Twitter, Pinterest and get active. Don’t promote your business, use SM to develop relationships. Be relevant to your potential perfect client, interested and interesting.

Have clients who love your work or colleagues who think you are fantastic? Make sure they know you appreciate referrals. No one knows if you don’t tell them! You can also develop an alliance or joint venture with others by offering services that complement each other to all your clients, existing and potential.

Have specific target clients? Develop an effective direct marketing campaign. Emails can easily go un-recognised, better to develop excellent snail mail. Don’t waste any potential interest, follow up with a personal contact. Always be interested in them first before you offer your services. Find out if you are a potential match.

Have great information to offer? Then develop a speaking plan. It can be in person or on-line and start to get or create gigs. Contact places that might be interested and offer your services. Always have a way to get contact details from any talks unless you are offering your piece for purely altruistic means. Create an information pack or a special report or trial session to get email address or phone numbers. Only those interested (potential perfect clients) will respond. Then follow up and again be interested in them before trying to talk about you or your services.

If you have something unusual to offer try the PR route. Local papers are often looking for interesting concepts and you could get picked up by the major media. Don’t try to sell yourself or your service. This is about showcasing and getting recognized.

Writing articles and getting published is always a good way to get recognition as an expert in an area. Again don’t try to sell yourself or your services this way as article writing is about sharing your knowledge so your potential clients can see that you know what you are talking about. You-tubes and online videos are also part of this tactic.

Tradeshows can work for certain industries but get the facts before you commit. They can be costly.

What about advertising? This can also be a high cost / low return option. If you go this route it is a good idea to get expert help in designing your ad campaign.

Action plan for step 4: Choose a tactic and develop a plan of action. Consider if it is a strategy to get new clients, keep existing clients ro follow up potential clients. Then decide:

1. What you will do. what is the actual tactic?
2. Who you are targeting. New clients? existing clients? following up potential clients with information?
3. Why you are doing this. More clients yes, but what is the big picture? Stay connected to that passion.
4. How you will do it. The details, including the materials you need to make it a success. Make sure you think though the time line carefully. line.
5. When you will do it. This comes down to commitment. When does this fit into your schedule. Don’t start something you can’t carry through.

My suggestion? Take something you are already doing (from your sticky notes in step 2) and make it better. Then just add one new tactic in at a time.

Then do a regular review of results. I suggest a quarterly check in with six monthly and annual reviews.

Then again improve one thing and try one thing new.

Before you know it you will have an solid stream of potential new clients.

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