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Creating Your Business – developing marketing strategies that feel good – Step 2


Gay Landeta

Choose heartfelt marketing strategies that work for you. Step 2.

In step 1, I invited you to identify the people you want to choose you, your perfect clients.  


By now you should be able to identify who your perfect clients are and what makes them tick. You will know what they are looking for, which, of course, must be what you offer. Now you know your target market, and if you remember that the foundations of marketing:

  • Knowing your target market
  • Reaching your target market
  • And doing it consistently.

You will know that you are ready to try to reach your target market, your perfect clients.

TIP! This is where it is easy to start madly marketing and advertising and then be surprised at the size of the financial hole we have created often without great results.

To avoid that develop your strategies and tactics before you start getting out there. First, you need three main strategies:

  • You will need one to get new clients
  • One to keep existing clients
  • And one to follow up potential clients

Before you develop those processes think through the tactics that you can use to connect.

Below are the main ones – which ones do you already have in play?

1. Online – website and web presence including blogging and commenting in forums
2. Social Media interactions
3. Referral and Word of Mouth
4. Keep in touch strategies such as an ezine, newsletter, etc
5. Advertising
6. PR – to get publicity for your brand, service, etc
7. Developing strategic alliances and joint ventures with other complimentary businesses
8. Write articles and get published
9. Special events (like tradeshows, etc)
10. Networking and relationship building, personally, in business groups, with industry connections, at conferences
11. Direct outreach via email, snail mail, phone or in person
12. Speaking, presenting and workshops

No one needs to – or indeed can (!) do them all! We just need to choose enough tactics to get, keep and be able to follow-up our existing and potential clients. The tactics we choose need to suit both our personality and our business.

Before you do anything more take time to monitor what you are already doing and what results you are getting.

Map out the tactics you are using to get new clients, keep existing clients and follow up potential clients. Sticky notes can help. Use three different colours and write one tactic on each. Ie yellow notes may be for new clients and you may be using your website, Facebook and word of mouth. Pink may be for existing clients and you maybe using Facebook and emailed promotions to keep in touch. Green may be for potential clients and you may have a subscriber ezine with auto-responders to connect with them.

Evaluate your effectiveness. Keep a record of each new client that comes in the door, find out how did they hear about you? Watch your subscriber links and see if your auto-responders are working. Ask existing clients. Explore the success you are having with your existing tactics.

Determine what you like doing best and see if those are giving you better results. Very often the tactics you don’t really enjoy don’t give the same results as those you do. Very often, focusing more on what we enjoy doing – our marketing gift – means working to our strengths; energetically much easier for our perfect clients to find. Plus more fun.

As you evaluate your existing strategies it becomes obvious that all of these tactics take several months to start to show a result however if you have been spending time, money or energy in any one of these areas without adequate results for 6 months or more it is time to question, if not change, the way you are doing things.

For more about this or you want to organize a free session to explore the effectiveness of what you are doing email me at create

Next time we will look at how to connect with your perfect clients.

This article was written by Gay Landeta with the intention of helping you to Create the Life you want to Live. Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved. 


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