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The end of financial year is coming, time for planning for success in 2014/15!

(c) gaylandeta.com.auHere is a checklist you can use to ensure you are covering the primary steps for good business growth. It is not exhaustive but if you can say ‘yes’ to these you are on your way to a great year.

NB!!! If you find yourself saying ‘no’ to any of these flag it and plan a strategy to resolve the gap.
I have a clear vision of the future and know the steps I need to take to make it happen.
I work in alignment with my business values at all times (and I am clear what they are).
I know who my perfect client is and how the services I offer benefit them.
I know the difference between features and benefits and speak about them accordingly.
I communicate about my services effectively and have a marketing strategy that works.
I have a funnel of new clients and strategies in place to ensure this is maintained.
I understand why my marketing strategies work for me (I analyse my results).
I have an action plan for each strategy (which I follow).
I have systems in place for my admin and for follow up and support for my existing clients.
I do not take my business personally, I am an observer and manage it.
I have a good self care plan in place and maintain a balanced life.
I keep an eye on my cash flow and maintain profitability.
I keep all the right records for legal and taxation as well as for future planning and review.
I regularly brainstorm new ideas for growth to ensure neither me nor my business stagnates.
I have a trusted business advisor to support me and keep me accountable.
To your success!

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