Oct 2016
I love seeing clients growing into their untapped potential and creating Balance Centralbusinesses they love, here is a beautiful testimonial I recently received from a business client that has been working with me on and off for a number of years. I love Chris and her work, plus us energy workers gotta stick together! 🙂
I always remember how hard it was for Chris to explain what she did to potential new clients when we first started working together back in 2010. Like many of us in the alternate therapy world, Chris’s modality is pretty wild and she would try to explain all about it, often leaving people confused or disbelieving. In addition, all that extraneous information would divert her potential clients from recognising the incredible effectiveness of the work she did. Through our work she created marketing language for all occasions and went from avoiding networking events to becoming a Networking Queen of Brisbane! Now she has spoken at international events and just wrote a piece for a book about to be published. You totally rock Chris! ❤
“I first started working with Gay Landeta and Create in 2010 and have had many benefits from the many times I have worked with Gay by my side.

The most recent decision to work with Gay was at the beginning of 2015.  My business was in it’s 6th year and was flowing along very nicely.  However, I could see that the next couple of years would need some refocus and redirection.  The obvious choice for me was Create and I’m so glad I did.  After all I needed to create something new and working with Gay had brought me many benefits in the past so I knew it would work for me again.

I am now 18 months into the process and have had massive leaps forward in my business which has benefited my clients and also myself in ways I couldn’t even imagine. What has transpired in my business by working with Gay is amazing and if left to my own devices I would not have made any movement at all.  I am a planner and very self-disciplined however I needed encouragement, support and the right amount of motivation to get me from cruising to full speed.

In just over 12 months I increased my service range by 50%, created greater value for every service I offer and I have been able to leverage my time so I am still working the same hours per week in my business.
My business is very unique and I find it a comfort and simply invaluable to have Gay as my Business/Marketing Coach.  Gay is someone who has been there, done that, and keeps expanding her own knowledge and skills.  As Gay expands – she pushes me to expand my thinking and my goals which has a direct impact on my clients.  As Gay grows – I grow and – my clients grow.

My business continues to go from strength to strength and I’m excited to continue working with Gay to see what we create into the future!!”
– Chris Wildeboer