#3 Keep your tribe engaged

So far in this series on getting your marketing in order I first talked about the essential 3 strategies that you must have to build a consistent practice.
Then in #2 I started to talk about the importance of keeping up with current trends and emerging challenges that may affect those strategies, for example how the current SM challenge could seriously affect booking consistency if not addressed. 

Next, I want to explore the importance of being up to date with current trends.

There is  a new marketing trend to be aware of – fortunately this plays right into our hands as practitioners. However, because everyone is starting to do this we need to do it really well so that our voice doesn’t get lost in the increasing noise out there. This trend is all about staying engaged with your tribe – your perfect clients and your perfect clients to be. 

Last year saw a major shift in marketing, whether in Social Media or via email, from call to action (CTA) to content marketing. Don’t get bogged down in this jargon, what I mean is that marketing used to be based around a ‘call to action’ ie asking people to buy, whereas now the trend is to simply share content.

This shift has been coming slowly, it has been talked about in marketing circles for a few years, however, 2020 cemented the shift. How can I know this? I am now even getting emails from hard-core email marketers who are following this new protocol of content-only marketing. Because it works. (That is their one and only marketing criteria!)

So what does sharing content vs CTA mean to us as practitioners? First, it is usually way more comfortable! We can just share our expertise without having to try to sell anything (the call to action). But it has to be done in a strategic way. It is not just about education, it is a process of building trust and helping your clients see who you truly are, so it is a very nice shift into authentic marketing done well.

This is something I have always taught, so I know it works really well. It is particularly useful to connect with potential clients. Either the ones who you are following up with or those who are interested in what you do but are not yet clients, for example, those who follow you on social media or those who you chat to as you formally or informally network. It is also useful when you want to share a new offer with your existing clients.

This trend is all about sharing and letting people really see who you are. Having your expertise on show. And we all have some of that no matter how early in our career we are. If you are not sure how to do this start by thinking about the problems your clients have and the solutions they want that you provide. And start to share this in the form of posts, blogs, vlogs, case studies, behind the scenes, whatever you feel comfortable sharing. Yes, you will put in the odd call to action, but not in every email.

This is quite an empowering model really, it is all about helping your clients identify their own pain and potential solutions. You can even be aspirational here. 

You can also adjust this strategy to Keep In Touch with your clients, especially if you use email for that. Help them remember you are the answer when they need it. Keep up regular contact and make sure, if you haven’t been in touch recently, that you re-connect with them – not just assume they are hanging out to hear from you! Think of them as friends you haven’t seen for a while and then share what it is that you know will help them.

Key takeaway? Plan to share useful info that your potential and existing clients need to know – integrate that into your ‘what’ section in all of your 3 key marketing strategies – Get New, Keep In Touch and Follow Up and then just do it. 

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