#2 Keep up to date!


Once you have your strategies for your practice in place (see #1) you are ready for the all-important next step – staying up with emerging trends and marketing challenges. I know. This is when it all starts to feel a bit much – you just want to see clients – but this has to be done to build that consistent practice. 

So why do we need to do this? Because not doing this can seriously affect the viability of our practice. For example, let’s consider a recent challenge in marketing; the iOS update that is currently rolling out. This is going to affect the delivery of paid FB ads. If you know about it you can deal with it, but if you don’t, and you rely on boosted posts or FB ads as a major strategy then this may affect your bottom line and you won’t know why.

The trouble is that instead of being focused on what is relevant to us, we get overwhelmed by all the info out there. What to do, what not to do, we just have no idea where to put our focus. And because we are primarily practitioners, not marketers, in the end, it becomes easier just to ignore it. Or to say we are too busy to deal with it right now. And then the clinic bookings drop and the scramble begins.

But if we know what our priorities are, if we know what is essential to our strategy success, we know what we need to do. And then, for example, if part of our core marketing strategy is reliant on FB ads then we can watch out for a workaround or we can simply consider other options such as reaching those same people through other community interactions, like Facebook or Meet-up groups or community pages. (Tip – If you try this you will want pages that allow marketing – but for the best results take advantage of those opportunities only once you have become an active valued member of the group.)

So get clear about what your priorities are by narrowing your focus. This way you will be able to more easily keep-on-keeping-on doing the essentials to build your practice.

Know what the key element is in each of your strategies and make sure that you consistently and competently manage that. 

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