# 1 Consistency, consistency, consistency.

If we want to create consistency in our therapy practice we need to have 3 simple but effective marketing strategies in place. First, to get new clients we need a Get New Clients and a Follow Up Strategy. And then once we have clients we want them to remember who we are when they need us – that is when we need a Keep In Touch Strategy.

These are not selling strategies (which can leave us feeling a little uncomfortable). This is marketing, which is about raising awareness of what is needed. And for our service industry, it is about sharing who we are in a way that our perfect clients can resonate with.

While it might feel easier not to get all specific, not having them will contribute to an inconsistency in our practice. Which ultimately creates an interruption to our income and our ability  to do what we love. We do this work to help our clients. We also do it to create a decent income. A gap in either of those outcomes will affect not only our financial security but also our confidence in ourselves and even the quality of the work we do. Not an optimum outcome for anyone!

This means that taking time to develop these 3 strategies – Get New, Follow Up and Keep In Touch – is essential.

It is also essential to make sure they work within our own marketing ‘genius’ zone. By that I mean, the marketing that is right both for you and your clients (this can take some trial and error but it is worth it). This is the language, the nuances, the channels you use, how your voice is heard. Marketing that shares your authentic self.

Each strategy has to have several clear and detailed aspects. These include :

  • What you share (ie the marketing language, images, etc that you will use – this is your unique ‘point of difference’ and must be specific for your perfect clients)
  • Who you want to see it (your perfect clients)
  • Where you will do it (ie social media or email or networking, etc )
  • When you will do it (ie how often – this has to suit you as well as be often enough that you don’t get lost in the noise.)
  • What are the results you want – how will you monitor them.

I know this sounds complicated but it doesn’t need to be, it can be simply scribbled in a notebook. But it does need to be detailed enough to help you stay focused and consistent.

Once you have defined your strategies and have your rhythm (something that feels good – or at least good enough – to commit to) you just need to put it in the diary and make it happen.

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